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... and any Tanks containing Diesel


Around 90% of all diesel engine problems are fuel related.

Most of these fuel problems can be traced back to the presence of contaminants – “Diesel Bug."

There is increasing use of biofuels in diesel fuel, and diesel fuel with bio content is 4 times more likely to attract bug growth and show symptoms of diesel bug than regular diesel fuel.

 Water causes damage to fuel tanks, fuel system components and engine. One way or another, the water will find its way in your fuel tank either by refueling with water contaminated fuel, condensation, leakage, and sometimes human error.

The symptoms of Diesel Bug in fuel include:

- Poor starting
- Clogged fuel lines
- Clogged fuel pump
- Slime or sludge, brown or black in colour in the filter
- Poor engine performance
- Engine failure
- Blocked fuel injectors

- increased fuel consumption
- Smelly fuel and smoky exhaust

The Solution:

Inspect tanks via endoscope camera

Removal of "Diesel Bug", water and foreign objects

with a "non mess" closed system.

No loss of fuel

​... also known as "Diesel Polishing"

We have developed our own "Diesel Polishing System" 

​to remove all Bugs - "Dead or Alive", Water and any Foreign Objects.