Single storey no worries

2+ storeys we have to inspect

and give you a quote on the spot

   Price List for Window cleaning:

   There are too many options in 

    window cleaning, we are happy

    to come out and discuss your needs.

    If this is only outside cleaning or

    inside as well, or just the hard to

    get ones.  We are happy to help.

You think your panels are clean

until the first panel is cleaned

there is a different every time

Window cleaning up to 3 storeys

We have to inspect and quote instantly

   Price List for Solar Panel cleaning:

   $ 100  up to 10 panels

   $5       for every additional panel

   $5       for hot water system panels

   $5       for skylight or roof windows

   $20     for surcharge 2nd storey*

              *prefer to inspect or send pictures

      Price includes GST

Why should Solar Panel be cleaned?

If You look at your panel, they seems to be fairly clean. If you look closer, the dirt on the panels is dust, road grime, salt spray, bird droppings, etc.

Any one or a combination of the above obstructions can influence the performance of the electricity produced by each panel.

Even a small part of the panel covered with a foreign obstacles, reduces the outcome or worse, can damage your panel permanently.

Rain is not enough to get the panels cleaned, often it mixes with the dust and convert to mud and makes it even harder to clean.

A similar scenario occurs when you leave your car in the rain, it looks good when wet, as soon as it dries the dirt pops up.

Some recommend a clean at least ones a year, other think every 6 month is a safer option, then there is a 3 month as the safest way.

This can vary on your environment, lots of dust storms, salt spray or bird droppings can result in more frequent cleaning.

Self-cleaning with a water hose makes it only worth as WA has one of the hardest water in Oz and leaves mineral build up behind.

Getting up on the roof is not everyone's favour and needs the appropriate safety gear and education.

Enviro Innovations Technician works with an extendable water pole with de-ionised water system without chemicals to get your panels shiny.

With this long pole we can clean 2 storeys panels without climbing on the roof.